Cell Phone

Phone Cam Images:  I just loved my first cell phone that had a camera. It was 2003 and I had to e-mail each picture to my web site in order to get it off the phone! I loved the images, but the color was horrible. So, I changed the color images to duo-tones. Here are a few of my favorites.

And then the cell phone camera got better…

And better!

Travel Photography
Some journeys are unforgettable and upon returning home, I’ve extended the pleasure of the experience by making prints of my favorite images. After my husband and I went to Paris, I created a set of “stamps.”

We were in Cuba in March of 2003. Carl was leading a group of students from the Museum School on a Photographic tour and I was lucky enough to go with them. We saw artists and townspeople creating billboards: No a la Guerra, but unfortunately, the Iraqi war started before we arrived home. We mainly stayed in Old Havana but took a side trip to Vinyalles. I was told the only other place to see mountains like the ones seen below, is in China. The tobacco farm we visited was especially memorable. It was run by a widow and her children. Several grandchildren were there helping or hiding from us under the work table. The beauty of the architecture and the people were extraordinary. For some prints, I put several small pictures under the large main image for a collection I call: Short Stories of Cuba. The smaller images lending information to the large one—like chapters in a book. There are so many images I like, it was hard to select only a few.