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Welcome to Cameronart where the spiritual nature of the mundane world is illuminated through drawings, paintings and photographs. I am a self-taught artist finding inspiration from ordinary encounters and through a process of meditation and visual expression. Since 1987 I have been teaching workshops called: Drawing into Creative Wholeness. I invite you to visit my creative endeavors as well as send me comments or thoughts you'd like to share.


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Cameron Sesto

The images I paint have evolved through my interest in meditation and visual expression which I teach in my workshops, Drawing into Creative Wholeness. Using oils and oil/encaustic on wood panel or canvas, I create images which become translations in color of my charcoal drawings. Working with this method for over fourteen years has shown me the cycles of creativity and how to work within them and also the truth to the ancient Zen expression: “Don't expect enlightenment . . . just sit down!” It is in the consistency of placing myself in a receptive mode that I am open to the possibility of learning.


is my path to self-discovery which is reflected in the many exhibitions and juried shows I have been invited to participate in. Since the early 1970’s, many pieces have been exhibited such as: Celebrations and Octave of Prayer at MIT which became Aperture monographs, The Shamanic Search for Soul at UMass Harbor Art Gallery in ‘93 and my exhibition at the Firehouse Center for the Arts in Newburyport in 2001 entitled Language of the Soul.

My work has appeared in publications such as Arts Around Boston for an article about Healing Within—how art soothes the body and heals the soul. In 2002 I created the charcoal drawings of bowls used as chapter headings in the book: Wisdom Bowls by Meredith Young-Sowers.

I currently facilitate my Drawing into Creative Wholeness workshops and have the privilege of teaching art to Montessori children from Kindergarten age to Middle School.