I love reading /making/designing/producing all kinds of books. Books have remained a constant in my life since the 1970’s. The other constant is my workshop, Drawing into Creative Wholeness which I began in 1986 and has been on-going ever since. So, it’s no surprise that the first thing I did after retiring from teaching art to Montessori children, was to write and publish a book about my workshop and how I have grown within this process of meeting weekly with people who are also interested in seeking a deeper spiritual outlook on life using visual expression as our guide.

Drawing into Creative Wholeness–meditation and visual expression as a spiritual practice. This 64 page book describes my weekly meditation and visual expression workshop. This is a memoir that explains the process and includes many examples of my drawings and paintings. There is much more information about my workshop under the ‘workshops’ section.

Cameron Sesto; 2014; 8.5  x  8.5 inches
68 color pages; paperback
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In 1999, I was given a private grant to publish my book One End Open. This was my first digitally produced book of my paintings and prose poetry. I selected work from over ten years of paintings and writings that began as drawings done in my workshop Drawing Into Creative Wholeness and thanks to my ‘wild angels’ and my husband Carl, I ended up with a limited edition of 40 hard bound copies that are each held in a beautiful clam-shell case. The image for the embossed stamp used on the spine of the case, the book cover, and the end leaves, I created from one of my paintings. The book is a work of art in itself! Released in 2000, I have only a few left.

One End Open
Cameron Sesto, 2000; 8 x 10 inches
78 color pages, hardbound with slipcase: $450.00

One-of-a-Kind books are a special treat for me to create. In 2004, I started by making small poem books for my friends who were turning 60 years old. Celebrating 60 lead to creating two more books of my individual poems: Broken Sky, and Boats of Transformation (all 3.5 x 4 inches) and one anthology of 22 poems—Slow Time of the Moon (4.25 x 9 inches). These little books are still available for purchase. Please get in touch with me with the contact form if you’d like more information.


Backyard and Water are two books I made for my phone cam photographs. 5 x 6.5 inches closed and 5 x 15 inches when open.


Once I figured out how to make a beautiful hand-made book, I finally got around to making a book I created with Candace Voorhies in 1973. She was my neighbor in Rochester, NY, a poet, and good friend. She had written a poem based on the 10 year turbulent love affair between George Sand (Aurore Dupin) the writer and Frederick Chopin. And when going through my photographs one day, we realized the words and images went so well together they must come together in a book. I submitted our work to many grants but never had the good fortune of getting it published. I did however, get to make a handmade book for Candance and one for me. Burnt Offering is one of my favorite treasures.  54 pages  6 x 8.5 inches.


wisdom-bowls002Wisdom Bowls–Overcoming Fear and Coming Home to Your Authentic Self by Meredith Young-Sowers
with introduction by Caroline Myss.
Illustrations by Cameron Sesto

In 2002 I was invited to create charcoal drawings to illustrate the nine chapters of this wonderful book by the creator of the Angelic Messenger Cards, Meredith Young-Sowers.
“Our challenge is to interpret what lies beneath our pain and suffering. Using the image of a bowl as metaphor for each area of our lives—the state of our physical health, the nature of our emotional well-being, and the power of our just-the-bowlspiritual resources—-Young-Sowers demonstrates how we can overcome fear and find the blessings in our challenges.”


288 pages; paperback; 6  x  9 inches
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Simply Great

My first published book: Simply Great-Cooking Instruction for non-readers came about when I developed a color-coded method for teaching adults with intellectual disabilities how to prepare easy recipes using simple cartoon drawings and color for measurements of heat and ingredients. Published by the Materials Development Center and the Center for Independent Living in 1989, this book has been used in private and group homes, for adult stroke victims, and for small children—everyone who can ‘read’ pictures can create good food—”all by myself!”
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The era of  the self-published book is now available through many companies and even established publishers. I have had the pleasure of creating and publishing two of my own, producing four in collaboration with my Montessori friends, and helped to produce several books for other writers and artists using Create Space, an Amazon POD (Print on Demand) publishing company. All of the books listed below are currently available on Amazon where you can peek inside!

sticks-3Sticks: Building Ideas and Self-Confidence in the Montessori Elementary Art Room
This book came about during my years teaching art at a Montessori School for first through eighth grade students. I realized how much the artwork reflected children’s brain development and how important it was for children to use their hands, hearts, and intellect to build or paint their own ideas. It was equally important for the parents to understand why the artwork the children brought home was not always something that pleased them. Following the guidelines of TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior), my classroom was a favorite for all boys and girls.
“This beautifully illustrated book is a succinct but complete look at beginning student work in sculpture. The author’s choice-based Montessori studio classroom included many 3D opportunities, including the use of many hand tools. These experiences are rare for children these days and contribute much to human learning. Highly recommend this book.” Katherine Douglas

Cameron Sesto; 2013;
Photographs by Cameron Sesto
52 color pages; paperback; 7  x  10 inches
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learner-directed-classroomI’m pleased to have been included in TAB’s book: The Learner-Directed Classroom–Developing Creative Thinking Skills Through Art; edited by Diane B. Jaquith and Nan E. Hathaway. Each of the 14 chapters was written by an experienced art teacher using a choice based classroom. I wrote chapter 5—Building a Strong Voice of Inner Authority in a Montessori Choice-Based Art Program. Most of the other teachers were working in either a public or non-Montessori private schools.
“Teachers who structure self-directed learning activities can facilitate effective differentiation as students engage in the curriculum at their level. This book provides evidence-based, practical examples of how to transform the classroom into a creative and highly focused learning environment.”

Teachers College Press;  2012
176 black and white pages; paperback 6 x 9 inches
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All life on Earth first began in the sea, but how long ago? Approximately when might it have it happened? How closely are humans related to fish? Some of these questions are answered through the colorful illustrations in our 46 page book: Our One Ocean–a story in time by Louise Marsh, Cameron Sesto, and Victor Young. This book introduces children ages 6 to 10 to the story of our ocean, and explains why we must celebrate and treasure our water that covers more than 70% of the earth surface. teachingoneocean.com


46 color pages; paperback; 8.5  x  8.5 inches
Look inside or purchase now at Amazon.com $14.99



An Ocean Timeline

Our goal is to have students in 4th through 8th grades learn about our one ocean in the context of evolutionary time, understand it’s importance to our planet, and speak out for a healthy ocean.
An Ocean Timeline by Victor Young, Louise Marsh, and Cameron Sesto, is a comprehensive teaching tool for students to inquire, explore, and investigate the science of ocean literacy. teachingoneocean.com



88 color pages; paperback; 8.5  x  11 inches
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spring-teaSpring Tea by Linda Seeley, Alison Ney and Cameron Sesto, is an inspiring guide for anyone who wants to introduce children to the fine art of tea time. Written by teachers in the Montessori tradition, this resource makes it possible for any group of adults—parents, childcare providers, religious educators and others—to work with children and create memories and traditions that they will cherish forever. The authors lay out step-by-step instructions for children and adults, while teaching lessons about hospitality that will last a lifetime. Enjoy the guide and wait for the magic that happens when you hear a child ask: “How will you have your tea today?” masterclassmaterials.com


54 color pages; paperback; 8.5  x  11 inches
Look inside or purchase now at Amazon.com $16.95



mm-cover-for-buttonMaria Montessori-a biography for and by children by Linda Seeley, Alison Ney, and Cameron Sesto. This 46 page book is a delightful way to introduce children to the life of Maria Montessori plus it is beautifully illustrated by Children’s House students This book would be excellent for a Montessori teacher to read to her young children, or is perfect for the young student to read by him or her self. It comes highly recommended for Montessori classrooms. masterclassmaterials.com



46 color pages; paperback; 8.5  x  11 inches
Look inside or purchase now at Amazon.com $14.95