In 2010, the faculty at Stoneridge Montessori School was treated to a presentation by Deborah Cramer talking about her book: Smithsonian Ocean: our water our world.

Deborah inspired Louise Marsh, Victor Young, and I to begin work on creating an ocean curriculum. Our goal is to have students in kindergarten through 8th grade learn about our one ocean in the context of evolutionary time, understand it’s importance to our planet, and speak out for a healthy ocean. We have now given many presentations at conferences in the U.S. and Canada and published two books—one for lower elementary children and one for upper elementary and middle school students. Teaching One Ocean

The art room where I was teaching, was across the hall from two of my favorite teachers who worked with students age 3 to 6. Those teachers and I decided we should create materials and books that would help other teachers pass on to their students some of the rituals and celebrations being held in their classes that I witnessed to be so dear and meaningful to the children and their parents. We have presented at MSM conferences and published two books. Our first book, Spring Tea is featured in the Montessori Services Catalog.
Master Class Materials

Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB) is a nationally recognized choice-based art education approach to teaching art. Developed in Massachusetts classrooms over thirty five years, and through courses and research at Massachusetts College of Art, the Teaching for Artistic Behavior concept enables students to experience the work of the artist through authentic learning opportunities and responsive teaching.
Teaching for Artistic Behavior