Roots To Wings Yoga and Healing Center 6 Week Introductory Workshop in March!

RTW Flyer TV for 3-16Some­thing mag­i­cal hap­pens when we say yes to our cre­ative spirit — when we take time to come together with other like-minded souls, and shift our focus from the outer world to our inner cre­ative world. We can find peace and wis­dom there. As one par­tic­i­pant recently said: “One never knows what lies deep within the psy­che until we dare to go there and explore.”
This work­shop will intro­duce you to a process that directs your atten­tion inward with a med­i­ta­tion and then allows impres­sions of your inner jour­ney to flow freely onto paper using only soft char­coal with your hands and fin­gers.
We will work in a dimly lit room dur­ing the med­i­ta­tion — sit­ting and work­ing on the floor to allow full body move­ment when draw­ing, and we will be silent.  Inti­mate and per­sonal, these draw­ings become notes to our­selves; sym­bols to pon­der, trans­form into art­work later, or just leave as is.  After we fin­ish our draw­ings, we will come together, turn the lights up a bit, and take turns talk­ing about our draw­ings; what they mean to us, and lis­ten to what oth­ers in the group have to say about them.  Together, our expe­ri­ences will cre­ate a com­mu­nity of trust and explo­ration of spirit, reflect­ing on what we see, sense, and feel.

Sup­plies: 14″ x 17″ Strath­more draw­ing pad, 3 sticks of soft char­coal– may be pur­chased from Cameron at the first class for $15.  Dress com­fort­ably in clothes you don’t mind get­ting dirty!

Roots to Wings Yoga and Heal­ing Center

76 New­bury­port Turnpike

New­bury, MA

978.463.9642 Call to register!

A Celebration of Pilgrimage—Coming in 2016


Sacred Cor­ners” 17 x 23 inch Giclée Print by Carl Sesto

“Unlike a jour­ney, a pil­grim­age is a jour­ney into the land­scape of the soul.” —Vivi­enne Hull

We will be host­ing an evening talk and slide shows on the sub­ject of Pil­grim­age at the Car­riage House on the Maud­slay Estate in New­bury­port, Ma in Jan­u­ary or Feb­ru­ary of 2016. Carl Sesto and Rose Russo will present images and speak about the pil­grim­age they took in North West Spain trav­eled since the 12th cen­tury, San­ti­ago De Com­postella and Joanne Row­ley will present her images of the pil­grim­age to Iona, a small island off the coast of Scot­land where the Book of Kells was worked on dur­ing the 10th century.

I will be post­ing more infor­ma­tion when we set the date. This is sure to be an inspir­ing evening of shar­ing. I look for­ward to see­ing you there. Cameron

Four Rivers of Life

pathwaysPath­ways    char­coal by Cameron

Many tra­di­tional soci­eties believe that the Four Rivers of Life—Inspiration, Chal­lenge, Sur­prise, and Love—sustain them, and con­nect them to great gifts. They also believe that if they fail to stay con­nected to these rivers, they suc­cumb to “walk­ing the pro­ces­sion of the liv­ing dead: and begin to expe­ri­ence soul loss, depres­sion, stag­na­tion, or other man­i­fes­ta­tions of ace­dia.” ~Ange­les Arrien, The Sec­ond Half of Life



Ideas, art projects, or rela­tion­ship con­cerns that have yet to be brought into the light of my under­stand­ing are gain­ing strength below the sur­face of my aware­ness. I am always in these cycles of incu­ba­tion and man­i­fes­ta­tion. The seed needs time to develop before it can be harvested.

This brings up a con­ver­sa­tion of risk and fear. C says, “When you’re ready, there is no risk.” But I’m won­der­ing if risk isn’t pro­ceed­ing in the face of fear—moving through and learn­ing from the uncer­tainty, rather than wait­ing for a feel­ing of safety.