Four Rivers of Life

pathwaysPath­ways    char­coal by Cameron

Many tra­di­tional soci­eties believe that the Four Rivers of Life—Inspiration, Chal­lenge, Sur­prise, and Love—sustain them, and con­nect them to great gifts. They also believe that if they fail to stay con­nected to these rivers, they suc­cumb to “walk­ing the pro­ces­sion of the liv­ing dead: and begin to expe­ri­ence soul loss, depres­sion, stag­na­tion, or other man­i­fes­ta­tions of ace­dia.” ~Ange­les Arrien, The Sec­ond Half of Life



Ideas, art projects, or rela­tion­ship con­cerns that have yet to be brought into the light of my under­stand­ing are gain­ing strength below the sur­face of my aware­ness. I am always in these cycles of incu­ba­tion and man­i­fes­ta­tion. The seed needs time to develop before it can be harvested.

This brings up a con­ver­sa­tion of risk and fear. C says, “When you’re ready, there is no risk.” But I’m won­der­ing if risk isn’t pro­ceed­ing in the face of fear—moving through and learn­ing from the uncer­tainty, rather than wait­ing for a feel­ing of safety.




Dry River Bed MemoriesDry River Bed Mem­o­ries, mono­print by Cameron Sesto
Dry River Bed Memories


What moves me at this time of my life, on this jour­ney, are the things that seem sim­ple and are cre­ations that cling to the tides of life like the water marks, dents and designs in the flesh of the sand. The sea washes ashore cre­at­ing these ruts that keep return­ing every time the ocean sweeps the sand. These return­ing cre­ations are rit­u­als every day nearby me and I am moved by how cycli­cal it all is, mak­ing life feel sim­ple … I respond to this.”    Leslie