Low-Tide Labyrinth Celebrations and Memorials
Walking a labyrinth represents the journey into our own center and back out again. There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth. The intention you bring to it will define your experience. Walking a labyrinth in celebration gives us gives us time to slow down and allow our thoughts to be directed toward what nourishes us in body, mind, and spirit. We pause in the center to collect our thoughts and feel the joy and gratitude for our celebration. Returning along the same path offers us a renewed sense of meaning and purpose in our life.

Walking the labyrinth as a memorial allows us to hold memories of our loved ones in our hearts and minds while walking in silence. Arriving at the center is the time to take a moment to reflect on our thoughts and memories and to offer wishes or prayers that we bring with us into the center in the form of found shells or other mementos. The return walk is filled with remembrance and gratitude for our loved one. The labyrinth walk brings the abstract idea of ‘letting go’ into a concrete reality and watching the tide return and reclaim the sand is a potent reminder of our temporal journey here on Earth.

Children love walking/crawling/dancing through the pathways of a labyrinth:


The following images are captured from a drone video. Click on the image to enlarge:






And when the tide comes in, it will take our gifts out to sea leaving nothing behind.







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